Metsä&Me specialises in high-quality relaxation and wilderness-based nature experiences throughout all seasons. Metsä&Me offers a selection of guided experiences including half and full day trips, overnight excursions and sauna visits all focusing on the beautiful Finnish nature in the Tampere/Pirkanmaa regions.


Metsä&Me provides a safe and easy way to explore and fall in love with Finnish nature and culture. Learn to find and nourish your connection to nature and relax by taking a step away from the bustle of life.


Metsä is a Finnish word

meaning forest


Finnish forest is boreal forest, wild beauty spiced up with four seasons, making it an exciting place to wonder and joy all year round. Forest is our ancient home where we have been living - and living from - for thousands of years. Forest has been - and still is - everything to us. Come and experience its magic, Metsä is calling for you!



Missing the feeling of sitting by the fire and listening only the noices that nature creaters around us? Do you ever feel you have lost the connection to nature?

Empower yourself in nature. Find the healing power of the forest. Meet your new old best friend.

Nature has a healing effect on all of us, come and experience it with Metsä&Me.

Maybe looking for something else?

What about a tailored private experience for your own needs? 

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